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I recently wrote about how the war on terror is moving to Africa (or has moved to Africa, rather) in the post about Tulsi Gabbard and I kept adding new information to it, so I am just going to make a new post with all of the info I added + a little more.

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By: Sebs Solomon—October 24, 2021

Special Operations: Army Delta Force, Navy Seals, and Green Berets

US Special Operations consists of Army Delta Force, Green Berets, and SEAL Team Six — many of which facilitate missions set forth by the 127 Echo Program, and are unknown to the public without a FOIA request. Initially, the funding for the 127echo program was limited, approximately $10 million a year, but now it has grown to $100 million a year and has not reduced or ended “violent” extremism. *Perhaps the goal was never to quell “terrorism,” but rather, to exacerbate it — just a thought.

Cornell Law School: “10 U.S. Code § 127e — Support of special operations to combat terrorism”

Army Delta Force—also known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, Task Force Green, and The Unit. They are only deployed for high risk and top-secret missions. The public doesn’t even know the current size of the unit, let alone who commands them. They’ve been described as ‘human bloodhounds’ and if they want you dead, they will succeed. Delta Force was established by the US in 1977 as a response to the “rampant terrorism” that was taking place in the 70’s (it’s almost comical that the US and NATO-allied forces do not consider their invading and looting of other countries “acts of terrorism,” but I digress). Delta Force was actually not the first counter-terrorism team, that “honor” goes to a unit known as “Blue Light.” Colonel Charles Beckwith, a former Green Beret, is the man credited as the founder of Army Delta Force.

Colonel Charles A. Beckwith: Distinguished Member of the Special Forces Regiment

Beckwith had served as an exchange officer with the British Special Air Service or SAS, which is what inspired him to write a proposal about having a similar force in the United States. He envisioned “a high specialized force, rich in rank structure, built upon small teams which contain mature, professionally trained, psychologically prepared individuals capable of making on-the-spot judgments.” After Delta Force came together, the US Army established various units that would also be used for special operations missions with specific requirements; such as, the Night Stalkers—who provide helicopter aviation support and SEAL Team Six—who handle counter-terrorism operations for the Navy. These units are overseen by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

The Green Berets were the first Special Forces unit; they formed in 1952, under the U.S. Army Psychological Warfare Division. In 1962, the term ‘special warfare’ was used by the Army to include “all military and paramilitary measures and activities related to unconventional warfare, counter-insurgency, and psychological warfare.” One example of ‘special warfare’ took place in 1992, when the Special Forces unit joined Operation RESTORE HOPE in Somalia. According to official documents, the mission was to make, “initial contact with indigenous factions and leaders; provide information for force protection; and provide area assessments for future relief and security operations.” In their own words, the Joint PSYOP Task Force integrated PSYOP (psychological operations) into all plans and missions in Somalia.

They hired Somali’s to help with radio broadcasting (spreading pro-US propaganda) and to assist with a PSYOP newspaper called “Truth”—how ironic. The radio broadcasts ended up reaching every city and town in Somalia where UN forces were based.

And now US Africa Command or AFRICOM (which is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany) and has a base or relations with every African nation except for Eritrea. AFRICOM was first established by George W. Bush in 2007 and then further expanded by Barrack Obama. Many of the special operations and much of warfare, in general, that is happening in East and West Africa, plus the Sahel, has been facilitated through AFRICOM. There are many well-meaning people who say they are anti-war and want the troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria; but they never mention AFRICOM and all of the US or NATO-allied bases all over Africa. Maybe they don’t know what is happening over there, and that’s ok, I understand. And even if they did know, perhaps, that wouldn’t really change anything, anyway—but I believe it’s better to be more informed and outraged than ignorant and “happy” — that’s just me, though.

United States Special Operations Command (1987–2007)

Imagine how profoundly damaged someone has to be to think it’s ok to go to a completely different country (Somalia) and use PSYOPs to further the agenda of a group of nations that have nothing to do with the occupied country—and then treat it as though it is completely normal or even “good” for the people of Somalia. It is absolutely astounding. Also, don’t be fooled, these types of operations have never stopped (there’s one happeneing right now under the guise of a “pandemic”) nor are they now being done for “the right reasons.” I don’t care which one of your favorite politicians or trusted family members tells you otherwise, they are either ignorant or being totally dishonest. And before I’m dubbed a “virus denier” and dismissed as a loon, keep in mind that psychological operations are not anything new; here is an excerpt from the Semiannual Department of Defense—1952 report—where they highlight the dominance of psychological warfare over other types of unconventional or special warfare.

Sixth Semiannual Report of United States Advisory Commission on Information (1952)”We should all recognize the need for having some instrument that can conceive and initiate propaganda plans as well as respond to political, national, and international events and interests.”—I just want to emphasize that this may have been written a long time ago, but narrative management is more relevant than ever. If the pandemic is being treated as a Department of Defense problem (which it is) then we can be certain that narrative management and psychological warfare are currently at play. Do with that thought as you may, but I don’t think I’m wrong. Not just me, but the many people who have been saying this since the beginning of 2020.

The 127 Echo program is the grandchild of similar initiatives from the mid-2000′s called Section 1206 and Section 1208.

Section 1206 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) provides the Secretary of Defense with authority to train and equip foreign military forces for two specified purposes — counterterrorism and stability operations — and foreign security forces for counterterrorism operations. The Obama administration requested to increase the funding level for Section 1206 because they believed, “it was the single most important tool in shaping the environment and counter terrorism.”

Stimson Center: DOD Authorities for Foreign and Security Assistance Programs (2009)

Interestingly, funds for the operations under Section 1206, have to be approved by the Secretary of State (during Obama’s first term, that was Hillary Clinton).

Congressional Research Service — Security Assistance Reform: “Section 1206” Background and Issues for Congress

I’m sure Hillary Clinton directed those funds to the most dignified and appropriate missions, it’s not like she has a history of corruption and overall vile behavior…

YouTube: Hillary Clinton “We Came, We Saw, He Died” (Gaddafi)

Section 1208 provides support to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups, or individuals engaged in supporting or facilitating ongoing military operations by United States special operations forces to combat terrorism. It also enables “support to foreign government-affiliated and non-government-affiliated forces that support USSOF operations to combat terrorism.” In addition, since Section 1208 operations cannot be used to support covert operations, they require the U.S. Department of State Chief of Mission’s written agreement, and Congress must be notified15-days prior to an new or expanded military operation.

—meaning, the representatives in congress who have claimed or do claim they don’t have the power to stop the funding for wars were/are not being totally honest. They could have/can make the choice to say no to proposals under Section 1208 because they have direct oversight.

Inspector General: US Department of Defense — Evaluation of Section 1208 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) — April 7, 2016note that Section 2282 was formally Section 1206 (they are the same)

List of 127echo programs facilitated via AFRICOM (as of 2018)

Some examples:

  • Juniper Nimbus: US troops ‘helping’ Nigerian military against Boko Haram.
  • Exile Hunter: US troops trained/equipped Ethiopian force for missions in Somalia.
  • Kodiak Hunter: US troops trained/equipped Kenyan force for missions in Somalia.
  • Mongoose Hunter: US troops trained/equipped Somalian force for missions in Somalia.
  • Ultimate Hunter: US troops trained/equipped Ugandan force for missions in Somalia.

*Military claims many ops in Africa are kept secret for “local sensitivities” — to shield their presence from local population.

Military Operations and Activities — 127echo programs via AFRICOM as of 2018 (left) and The US Footprint in Africa (right)

Behind the secret U.S. war in Africa — secret programs (127echo programs) that allow troops to train and direct troops in Somalia, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Niger, and other African nations.

Those troops then work under the directive of the US State Department. Do people now trust the war machine to be honest about “training troops to fight jihadists” — haven’t these people lied about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria, and many other countries, in the past? How can people still defend this agenda? Is it because people just don’t know anything about the countries in Africa; therefore, don’t understand that the solution cannot be covert military operations and targeted air strikes? When the news talks about “domestic terrorists” in the US, many people understand that most of that is propaganda in order to pass regulations that take away more and more civil liberties. If they are doing that here, then, don’t people understand that they also do that in countries abroad?

Politico: “Behind the secret U.S. war in Africa”

In a House Armed Services Committee hearing in 2019, Major General James Hecker said that the evolving counter-terrorism operation apparatus will place even greater emphasis on successful programs:

Such as the 127 Echo Program, which provides [them] viable surrogate forces designed to achieve U.S. counter-terrorism objectives at relatively low cost in terms of resources and especially risk to [their] personnel.

YouTube: Evaluation of the Department of Defense’s Counterterrorism Approach — US Armed Services Committee Hearing (2019) — at 1:18:15, Major General Hecker talks about the 127echo programs and how cost effective and helpful they are — seems more concerned about the budget than human lives.


Let me attempt to tie everything I just wrote together. I just wanted to highlight some of the history behind the Special Operations units, touch on the roots of psychological operations, and relate it to the 127echo programs and how there is no way these are good or helpful in any way. So, the fact that Major General Hecker spoke so highly of those programs in a 2019 House hearing is extremely alarming to me. Obviously, he is part of the war machine, so it’s not like I thought he was going to say something even teetering on ethical; but the fact that it’s being so normalized in African countries (or any other nations) is so saddening. I almost think most people won’t have any of this on their radar because it’s not being framed as war, but it is war. It’s one of the most tragic types of warfare: the kind you don’t even know exists.

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