Epicurean Utilitarianism & Jeremy Bentham’s Pauper-Panopticon + Quantifying Morality

Here is a 13min lecture on Epicurus and some of his beliefs from SUNY Humanities School.
Source here and here

Jeremy Bentham, Utilitarianism, and the Panopticon

Source: An updated design of the prison that would influence the “Pauper-Panopticon”

Video Gaming, Digital Panopticons, and EA Games

  • The number one problem in the tech industry is talent availability and preparedness.
  • School dropout rates are high in the U.S. and not enough people are pursuing STEM.
  • By 2022, there will be 1.2 million jobs created that require a STEM degree and not enough of those degrees are generated every year in order to fill those jobs.
  • Workforce development needs to be gamified in order to incentivize kids to complete the work necessary for them to get a job in the fields that require a STEM educated population.
  • EA games are about data collection and immediate feedback to the players, so they can continue to progress in the game. *This echoes the sentiment about Battlefield 4 operating in a “panoptic paradigm” to monitor players and keep them playing.*
  • The traditional means of education will not solve this problem and education needs to be reformed (also announced they would be partnering with the Gates and MacArthur Foundations to accomplish this goal).

Penitentiary Panopticon


Utilitarianism and Quantifying Compassion


To Conclude:

The other meaning of Isfet (the opposite of Ma’at, who represents truth and justice) stood out to me because the ISFET (transistor) is a technology being used in biosensors and antibody detection tests that are laying the groundwork for a never ending, track-and-trace, bio-surveillance apparatus rapidly forming in front of our very eyes.

Part I: Golem, Theosophy & Spiritual Eugenics

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Part II: Bentham, Cybernetics, Neoplatonism & Egypt

YouTube: Part II: Nikola Tesla, Cybernetics, Bentham’s Panopticon, Utilitarianism & Egypt

Part III: Nanofluidics, Dutch NWO, Drew Hempel’s Research & Radiation Eugenics

Yourtube: Part III: Nanofluidics, Ecological Imperialism & Drew Hempel’s Research on Radiation Eugenics



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