Extropian & NSA Roots of Bitcoin, Cypherpunks, Wikileaks + UNICEF

Ethereum Foundation Blog: An Introduction to Futarchy
  • boundless expansion
  • self-transformation
  • dynamic optimism
  • intelligent technology
  • spontaneous order
  • educational outreach to high schools and universities
  • establishing a relationship between the UN, media, and other entertainment industries
  • distributing UN publications to schools, legislators, and media
Source: Extropy Institute
Youtube: Cardano, Digital ID, Ethiopia, and Human Capital Investment Markets

Bitcoin Pioneers & the NSA


Very odd. How can proponents of civil liberties not understand that the NSA’s connection to David Chaum (even if they were just referring to him in the paper) looks highly suspect? Is it just me or is something not adding up? The NSA is one of (if not the biggest) peepers in the game. They keep massive logs of metadata — from phone calls to private emails. How can you be “against” the national security state, while the national security state is using your “revolutionary” ideas to crystalize the panopticon being built around you?


Cypherpunks, Wikileaks & BlackNet

“WikiLeaks really isn’t the story, so much as an episode in a movement that existed before WikiLeaks and will persist after WikiLeaks is gone. Wikileaks seems like a germ of an idea always on the verge of becoming reality: from Tim May’s BlackNet proposal on the cypherpunk mailing list to Roger Dingledine’s idea of a distributed, anonymous publishing system (which would later become the Tor project).” — The Verge

So, what was BlackNet?

  • trade secrets, processes, production methods (esp. in semiconductors)
  • nanotechnology and related techniques (esp. the Merkle sleeve bearing)
  • chemical manufacturing and rational drug design (esp. fullerenes and
    protein folding)
  • new product plans, from children’s toys to cruise missiles
  • business intelligence, mergers, buyouts, and rumors
YouTube: In Defense of My “Negative Narrative” About Assange

Speaking of Terrorism:

Foresight Institute: Robin D. Hanson
The Register: Meet the ‘transhumanists’ behind the Pentagon terror casino

—Video I made about the material in this essay here

YouTube: Extropian & NSA Roots of Bitcoin, Cypherpunks, Wikileaks + UNICEF



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