French Imperialism vs. Crypto Colonialism: The Central African Republic Experiment

Sango Legal Framework

Sango Legal Framework
Sango Legal Framework
  1. Building directly in the heart of Africa the first legal Crypto Hub, recognized by a country’s parliament, that welcomes businesses and attracts global crypto-enthusiasts.
  2. Taking the Bitcoin legacy to the next level.
  3. Sango — The Crypto Island

Furthermore, listing “attracting crypto-enthusiasts” as the first “objective” in a project claiming to be focused on tackling poverty in Central Africa, is an even greater abomination. What a disgrace.

Central African Backbone & NSA’s UPSTREAM Surveillance + World Bank

Sango Legal Framework

In May of 2022, the World Bank approved these two programs for the Central African Republic:

  • $35 million grant for the Public Sector Digital Governance Project
  • $30 million for the Investment and Business Competitiveness for Employment Project.

Alex Gladstein’s “Liberation Through Crypto” Astroturfing

Source: This is from an academic paper by David Coady where he criticizes Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule’s policy recommendation of “cognitive infiltration” to the U.S. government.

Felonious French Footprints in Central Africa

Map on the left side is from 1906. Map on the right side is from 2018. I’ve circled the Central African Republic on both maps.

Jacques Foccart: The French Henry Kissinger

Source: The Economist (1997) — Jacques Foccart’s obituary.
Source: CounterPunch (2005) — interview with Mark Garsin, who was directly associated with Maurice Tempelsman and the network involved in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba.

Let’s circle back to Foccart

Source: “Africa and France: An unfulfilled dream of independence?” via DW

France’s “War on Terror”

Source: Business Insider — Active French Military Footprint in Africa

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

  1. To disclose and reconcile extractive industries revenues paid to and received by governments
  2. To promote and strengthen the multi-stakeholder dialogue approach.

Revenue Watch Institute

Source: NRGI Theory of Change

To Conclude

The crypto and blockchain advocates don’t seem to understand that transparency does not mean accountability. If the same corrupt ghouls are running the “transparent” and “decentralized” system, then the corporations and people who have always been doing the exploiting will continue to do so (just more creatively).

Figures like Alex Gladstein make it incredibly difficult to have truthful conversations grounded in clarity and deep research about the topic of cryptocurrency or blockchain. Because they add so much unnecessary confusion and semi-information, one must first debunk and correct the framing (and premise), before proceeding to the actual “meat and potatoes” of the topic.



Sebs Solomon—full-time human, part-time gnome. Twitter: @gnomes4truth

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