From WEF to Bilderberg: Alternative Media’s Greatest Hits

Sebs Solomon—June 10, 2022

5 min readJun 10, 2022

I’m listening to an interview with Max Blumenthal and Jimmy Dore about the “Bilderberg Meeting” and Max’s attempt at getting into the Mandrin Oriental Hotel (in Washington, DC) where the meeting was being held. I’m giggling to myself while listening because they both seem so surprised that an entire hotel was shut down for a private meeting (that’s not so abnormal in DC). I’ve actually worked and explored much of the city for many years and such closures for “secret” or non-secret meetings are quite common. I just don’t know what is so shocking about that. I’m not writing this because I like the idea of world leaders in all sectors getting together and having closed door meetings—I just don’t understand the outrage over this meeting versus the many other backdoor deals that happen on a regular basis. Whether they happen while playing golf at Mar-a-Lago or while smoking cubans at the cigar lounge in Dupont Circle (I’m talking to you, John Bolton)—shady meetings happen all the time.

If Alex Jones was “exposing” these meetings since the late 90’s, is it so secretive? And of course it could be a situation where Alex Jones takes something totally legitimate and poisons the well in order to make anyone who talks about it look like a nut job—I do consider that and, honestly, that’s probably the case (it’s what they call “pre-bunking”).

Source: Nature on Human Behavior—”Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response”

However, that does not mean that the Bilderberg meetings are the MOST important meetings to EVER take place of ALL (past and future) meetings anyone has ever attended! Sorry, I’m being silly (obviously) but seriously, it feels like I’m living through a bad 90’s re-run while watching “alternative media” channels talk about this shit. Yes, I know I don’t have to watch, but it’s just so absurd that I need to address what I’m witnessing. This does not mean people can’t talk about the Bilderberg meetings, I’m more concerned about HOW the topic is being discussed—that’s what compelled me to write this.

Another irritating narrative I keep hearing this week is:

“the Bilderberg Group gives the World Economic Forum their marching orders and the WEF is just the distraction”

—I’m sorry, but some people have been saying that for quite some time, but NOT because:

“the Bilderberg Group is what we need to be focusing on”

Give me a break! Trading in one “boogyman” for another “boogyman” and then passing it off as some “novel” and “profound” analysis. The photo below is a screen capture from this video on Doom&Gloom where Aly and I are making fun of Glenn Beck “taking on the World Economic Forum” to “take down the New World Order” — we were pretty much saying how silly this spectacle has become. Glenn Beck talking about the WEF is the same as Alex Jones “exposing the Bilderberg Group” — get real! These people are sending you down MANUFACTURED RABBIT HOLES — proceed with caution. Not saying “don’t listen to these people” — just be alert. Also, check out this video Aly made a few days ago, titled The Endless Pursuit That Leads You to the Same Abyss: Some Tough Love & Advice No One Asked For—about the very thing I’m discussing in this post. Aly and I have been conversing about this topic quite a bit lately, and we will be doing a long-form presentation about it on the Doom&Gloom channel on Sunday June 12, 2022here is the video and Part II here (about the Great Transition and the establishment roots of many alternative movements).


Anyway, the point is this: stop looking for the head of the snake, you will never find it (you’ll just be stuck in an endless loop). The video below is a clip from a longer video—but basically, we try to reassure people that Klaus Schwab is, in fact, not hiding under the bed. Again, I’m being silly, but I am trying to make a legitimate point in a light-hearted way because I don’t want to “angry type” and hurt my keyboard more than I already have—not a joke. It is important that people understand narrative warfare.

Doom&Gloom w/Alison McDowell: Klaus Schwab is not THE problem. Expose the structure, not one man

As Alison McDowell says in the clip, the “great reset” has turned into a narrative capture of the resistance. This is a hinderance to arriving at actual truth because pointing the finger at Klaus Schwab and the WEF is an oversimplification and a disservice to exposing the structural nature of an entire network of corrupt and unethical practices. All of that gets lost when the focus is on larger than life personalities. The image below is a screenshot from an article Aly and I wrote last year (August 2021) where, in the conclusion, we criticized those who solely focus on Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Jeffrey Epstein instead of ALSO exploring the everyday toxic ideas that help create and facilitate the problematic structure of our current society.

Source: Article by Aly and I written in August of 2021 that can be found here and here: “Future of Healthcare, Digital Ethiopia+China & Global Technocracy”

I keep hearing: “why is the media not covering this?”

Sorry, what is there to cover if it’s a closed-door meeting? If you don’t have access to anything that is being discussed, does covering it mean “stand outside of a hotel building and ask security guards what the people inside they are talking about”—I just don’t get it.

It seems like a manufactured spectacle to attract viewers through played out sensationalist stories, rather than an actual attempt at informing about a topic of genuine interest—that’s just how it seems, anyway.

Query: If a protest happens outside of the Bilderberg meeting every year, what then? Would all of the world’s problems suddenly disappear? I’m not trying to sound like a pessimistic dipshit, I’m genuinely curious. I’m not an “activist” though; so, maybe I’m missing something.

Anyway, I have more to say, but I’ll leave it here for now.

Peace and blessings,


Video about the World Social Forum (anti-Davos activism)—

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