From WEF to Bilderberg: Alternative Media’s Greatest Hits

Source: Nature on Human Behavior—”Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response”
Doom&Gloom w/Alison McDowell: Klaus Schwab is not THE problem. Expose the structure, not one man
Source: Article by Aly and I written in August of 2021 that can be found here and here: “Future of Healthcare, Digital Ethiopia+China & Global Technocracy”

I keep hearing: “why is the media not covering this?”

It seems like a manufactured spectacle to attract viewers through played out sensationalist stories, rather than an actual attempt at informing about a topic of genuine interest—that’s just how it seems, anyway.

Video about the World Social Forum (anti-Davos activism)—

Dear Activists: Your “Movement” is Controlled, Stop Pretending it’s Not

Video about the “non-aligned” movement and the Great Transition (anti-Club of Rome activism)—

YouTube: The Great Transition: Establishment Roots of Alternative “Solutions”



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