Prince of Darkness: From Blackwater for America to FSG in Africa for China’s BRI + DFC & Development Impact Investing


Erik Prince Explains the History of Military Contractors in the U.S.

PSA: I am presenting Erik’s narrative as he frames it and adding my commentary—not necessarily because I am upset that someone is speaking ill of the “big beautiful federal government”—I do not endorse the way the U.S. government has functioned. Moreover, I don’t criticize the “government” for the same reasons or with the same intention as Erik Prince. Do not take my mocking of Prince’s insincere and corrupt stance against “big government” as an endorsement of how governments (anywhere) generally function.


Erik Prince on the East India Company

the politics of anything and everything the East India Company did because it did provide a good example that other private organizations could follow (the East India Company was a private organization that developed trade and raised forces—235,000 native forces—led by 14,000 European expats).

East India Company Flag
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Egypt in the Sinai (turquoise/gold mining) — Eritrean refugees are often kidnapped, tortured, raped, and released upon ransom in northern Sinai.
  • Libya
  • Nigeria
  • Somalia
  • Central African Republic
  • South Sudan
  • Mali (Uranium for nuclear power)
  • Niger
Erik Prince: Knights of Malta, China’s Belt and Road, and Mozambique + Jack Posobiec & Cofer Black

Erik Prince describes the evolution of warfare as follows:

He then said that America has an Obamacare or NHS (National Health System of UK) approach to national security planning and innovation—even though the U.S. is a country of people who believe in a “free, independent, and entrepreneurial” economy.

Development Finance Corporation (DFC)


To Conclude:

Hence, why it is important to keep tabs on the types of moves made by Erik Prince and his ilk. And not just to give the same old summary about what Blackwater did in Iraq and Afghanistan, but what they are doing NOW in different African countries via Frontier Services Group through their partnership with China and UAE—and the security services they provide them.

the impact investing space is not intended to help anyone in need; it is simply a lucrative loophole for already wealthy multinational corporations to make even more money, while further centralizing control of the global economy under the guise of “doing good” while making a profit.



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