Roe vs. Wade, Tokenized Procreation, Chattel Slavery & the “Emancipation” Doublespeak

If the Roe vs. Wade argument is setting the stage for synthetic humans and will that spark the conversation around life vs non-life?

Roe v. Wade & Artificial Wombs: What will the abortion debate look like in the coming years?

Will we eventually need to obtain credentials or a license and apply to some agency and put in a “request” in order to do something that is as natural as breathing: creating life.

Source: here and here

Emancipation and Sovereignty: The True Meaning

Margaret Kimberley: Prejudential

Side note: if the violent crimes of governments and private militaries hired by them were counted in these types of studies, it would be clear that the people at the head of those institutions are the ones who need to be monitored (not the average person in the “projects”).

Chattel Slavery & Breeding Farms

James was right to ask, “how does one determine who can have a baby and who can’t? Education (intelect) + Genetics? Would your social score be a score of your entire bloodline and your ancestors proclivity toward crime or non-productivity?”

—This video is about the material discussed in this essay; it was made after the descion to overturn Roe v. Wade—

YouTube: PRIVACY & VIABILITY: What are some of the potential implications of SCOTUS decision?



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