Sauntering Down the Rabbit Hole: Jack Dorsey’s Crypto Campaign in Ethiopia

Jack pushes Bitcoin in Ethiopia

Why is Ethiopia being singled out on this quest? I understand it’s the second largest population after Nigeria, but since when did Jack Dorsey genuinely pay attention to the inequality and plight of the Ethiopian people?

EthiopiaDAO Discord
Hoskinson on Fortune Magazine’s Balancing the Ledger

Predatory Philanthropy?

If blockchain projects cannot repair roads or build strong institutions in places like Ethiopia, are innovators drawn to fragile states because they want to fix these things or because poverty and corruption are the ideal conditions for entrepreneurs exploring opportunities to extract resources from vulnerable communities?

This is not…normal. Making profit off of human suffering. Source

This is quite possibly one of the darkest displays of insensitivity to human suffering I have ever witnessed. It is profoundly devastating that someone thought it was ok to use the most heartbreaking and gut-wrenching images of Tigray people mourning for their loved ones to create NFTs, and then profit off of them, under the guise of humanitarian relief.

Arab Spring, Ethiopia, & Internet Shutdowns

Getnet Assefa with Sophia, a humanoid robot

Jay-Z and Jack + ₿trust

Own a moment in time
WooWoo Brick Road
Mastercard stresses importance of digital currencies
Blockchain Futures

The exchanges do not insure almost any crypto against loss/hacking/etc, but do usually insure USD for US users. They have been known to have issues with customers not being able to withdraw funds (likely liquidity issues) and then get “hacked” leaving users with no recourse. Crypto exchange users beware.

Community Inclusion Currencies & Bancor

Will Ruddick’s Grassroots Economics
UNICEF CryptoFund
MIT Media Lab: Economy Without Currency



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