Tigray Defense Forces, Chemonics & Ethiopia’s John Bolton

Terrorism Monitor
Raya Brewery (left) & Lion Bank Chairperson (right)

In my opinion, if a diabolical megalomaniac, such as Meles, ousts you from his administration for being “too aggressive,” it should sound an internal alarm. General Gebretensae is the John Bolton of Ethiopia.

General Gebretensae (left) & John Bolton (right)
Ethiopia Coverage (left) & DC Coverage (right)
Thousands of Ethiopian POWs were shamed and paraded in the capital of Tigray while marching to prison.
HOA PALS Report: Abiy Ahmed’s neoliberalism in full display

A sidenote to the people in the northern hemisphere who think they live in a civilized democracy or republic; having consistent government elections every few years does not guarantee a democracy or justice if the people making the policies are unethical and deceitful.

A few words on Chemonics, Afghanistan, and Syria

A visual display of Michael Horton’s link to Chemonics International via Al-Khameri (among other notable or noted connections)—Interactive Map Here



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