Digital Ukraine, Special Legal Regimes & Oracles + English Law [Pt.1]

Source: Politico
Source: The Wall Street Journal Circa 2007 (also mentioned on video here)
Source: Comment on a Doom&Gloom livestream. I actually always appreciate Rogue Cow’s comments, so this is more of a shoutout; plus, this fits right into a larger point I am trying to make.

Oracles, Smart Contracts & Token Economy

Let me pose this question: are banks restructuring themselves in accordance with the non-traditional “decentralized” financial institutions — or were the “pioneer” DeFi projects just test cases for legacy institutions to observe and use as guinea pigs for a transition they were always going to make?

Smart Legal Contracts & English Law

Source: U.K. Law Commission Report on Smart Legal Contracts (November 2021)
  • Natural language contract with automatic performance by code: can also be referred to as an external contract because the code falls outside the scope of the parties’ legally binding agreement.
  • Hybrid contract: some of the contractual obligations are defined in natural language and others are defined in code.
  • Contract recorded solely in code: all of the contractual terms are defined in, and performed automatically by, the code of a computer program.
Source: YouTube (The Ledger of Record)
YouTube: Erik Prince: Resurrecting the British East India Company & Protecting China’s Belt and Road

Ukraine: A Network State + Hi-Tech Park in Belarus

To Conclude:

I realize that “online government services in Ukraine” and “smart legal contracts as seen through English Common Law” are not the most glamorous topics, but I actually think these types of boring subjects are where much of the juicy details are hidden—you just have to know where to look and which lens to use.



Sebs Solomon—full-time human, part-time gnome. Twitter: @gnomes4truth

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